Black ink drawing of a life-size angel with black tears that pour out of his eyes and drain down his neck, which appeared over time as an effect of aging bronze. His hands are resting on a post or sword in front of him between his thighs.

Video: Time lapse of Drawvember day 22 “Angel”

This is the Haserot Angel, which I painted on day 22 of my Drawvember.

It’s a bronze sculpture of a life-size angel guarding the grave of Francis Haserot at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio, created in 1924 by sculptor Herman Matzen, who called it “The Angel of Death Victorious”.

The black tears that pour out of his eyes and drain down his neck appeared over time as the bronze aged. Definitely not the common angel! At first I was afraid by the pictures of it, then I was fascinated.

I chose to paint it (with both hands!) with a flat brush and black Sumi ink. The bristles are unfortunately worn out and the lines aren’t so sharp and thin anymore.

When I set out to draw and paint, I didn’t anticipate the camera app to crash 💥. Whatever happened I checked at some point and found the Home Screen instead of the camera running. I ended up with two videos which I patched together but some of the process is missing.

58-second time-lapse of my hands drawing and painting in black the bronze statue of an angel

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