Art: Payne’s Grey Dragon

Blue grey ink strokes depicting a large dragon in front of a small girl with arm raised. I wrote underneath a birthday greeting in French for my 16 year-old son.

For my son’s 16th birthday, I painted a dragon. Adrien wanted me to paint some version of Toothless and Light Fury from the movie series “How to train your dragon”. I had intended to paint them in gouache. But in the meantime I discovered the Sennelier Payne’s Grey ink brushpen.

This is after a digital artwork sketch by William Morris-Julien who is creative director in the video games industry.

Finished piece framed in white wood and white mounting mat

Resulting painting framed in white wood. The picture mount hides the birthday greeting.

He liked it well enough.

Art: inktober2023

I drew again in my small sketchbook Canson art book universal (14×21 cm / 4×6 in), using individually or together a black Pentel brushpen, a grey Pentel Brushpen, Sakura Pigma Micron 003 black fine liner, Kuretake light grey Brush Writer, and a Staedtler 0.3-2.0 black pigment liner.

6 drawings are tributes to Moebius, 4 were Japan-inspired. I had fun doing all of them. It was a bit tough the last week, and for the first time I think, I was counting the days until the end.

inktober2023 prompt list
inktober2023 prompt list