Art: inktober2023

I drew again in my small sketchbook Canson art book universal (14×21 cm / 4×6 in), using individually or together a black Pentel brushpen, a grey Pentel Brushpen, Sakura Pigma Micron 003 black fine liner, Kuretake light grey Brush Writer, and a Staedtler 0.3-2.0 black pigment liner.

6 drawings are tributes to Moebius, 4 were Japan-inspired. I had fun doing all of them. It was a bit tough the last week, and for the first time I think, I was counting the days until the end.

inktober2023 prompt list
inktober2023 prompt list

Art: Japanese river scene (step by step)

I tested acrylic gouache. They are similar to regular gouache, and even watercolour, except that they dry much quicker and once they’re dry they can’t mix anymore.

It’s both an advantage and a challenge! An advantage because you can layer other colours without any smearing. A challenge because the error margin is much narrower: if you don’t get it right the first time your mistake has to be worked around.

This is a river scene with two persons using long poles to maneuver their boats, and passing next to patches of grass where trees like willows are growing. It must be the start of autumn because the trees are bare but there is still grass. A few huts are visible on the horizon. There is a big orange setting sun, and grey and orange clouds.

Framed in black, 10×15 cm (4×6 in.) [and since then sent to my friend Isabelle for whom I painted it.]

Rough pencil sketch

Grey, blue and orange in the sky, including dark orange for the sun; and blue for the river

Transparent blue, grey, and orange.

This looks and feels just like watercolour.

I added patches of pale yellow where the huts are, the men's hats and the front and back of the larger boat.

A bit more colours in small areas: specks of grey and blue-grey to add vegetation in the background, and yellow for the huts, boats and the hats.

Brown and black added for the trees, the boats, the men and their poles. Green added for the grass.

The green is now added to the meadow and another darker layer for shading. Brown and black for the trees, boats, men and their poles.

I realised this was going to lack a lot of contrast. The colours are much paler than I thought.

Thin black lines for the reed, and various outlines

I added many thin black lines in ink to try to make up for the lack of contrast.

I added my stamp, dated and signed.

Stamped, dated and signed.

Finished piece, in a little black wood frame with a white mounting card.
Finished piece, in a little black wood frame with a white mounting card.

Inktober 2020 days 11-15

Day 11: “Disgusting”

Black ink drawing of the face of a man whose eyes are covered, wearing a helmet from the top of which are short tentacles

Third abstract prompt. I resented it a little bit: the entire year has been disgusting –Give us a break!

I chose to reproduce part of a Moebius character and arrange a bit the tentacles.

Done with a black 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 12: “Slippery”

Black ink drawing of a series of penguins gliding on their bellies

I wanted to avoid drawing the common “slippery when wet” sign that is found in public restrooms, or the banana peels, but really liked how some of the artists I follow have executed their version of the prompt.

I went for penguins sliding. I love penguins, they’re super cute.

Done with my black 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 13: “Dune”

Black ink drawing of a man wearing a pointy helmet, seen from behind next to his leather case, standing in front of a levitating crystal within which is an odd smiling creature with the lower body of a worm. The scene is at the foot of a large dune.

I loved doing this one!

Major Fatal, an iconic Moebius’ characters (albeit a chunky version that I didn’t intend, but without sketching first, such things happen), standing in the desert in front of a tall levitating crystal, observing a wormlike figure within. I drew a dune in the background. I noticed afterwards that I got the shadows exactly wrong.

Done with my black 0.05mm Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 14: “Armor”

Very detailed black ink drawing of a Japanese warrior in armor carrying a sword and wearing a war helmet and metallic face mask.

I loved loved loved doing this one!

I initially wanted to draw an armadillo but went for my other favourite theme instead, and drew a samurai in armor.

I used the black 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent (it’s nearly dead now). I spent 45 minutes between the contours, refining them and adding layers of black.

Day 15: “Outpost”

Black ink drawing of the great wall of China slithering in the distance, with three outposts.

I wasn’t very much inspired by the prompt until I remembered from my visit to the Great Wall of China in 2016 that it features outposts at almost every section!

I tried a minimal approach, leaving out the surrounding mountains, much of the vegetation and even the structural details, and like how it came out.

Done with my black 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent.