iPad watercolor: sailboat and island

After rough sketching, I painted the sky, using the watercolor tool of the Tayasui Sketches app that doesn’t “dry” until you tap the drop icon. While the paper was “wet” I added blue to my purple wash near the horizon:
Rough outline of lines and shapes. The sky is painted blue and purple in watercolour.
On a different layer, I painted the sea:
Sea painted in blue
On a third layer, I painted the rocky island, including the fort. I erased paint from the sailboat and the surf around it. And added a few strokes of different blue on the sea layer:
Brown of various intensity added to the islands, more strokes of blue over the sea.
Then I painted the fort red, darkened the rocks, erased paint where the seagulls were, and painted the sailboat:
I painted the fort red, darkened the rocks, erased paint where the seagulls were, added a red stripe to the sailboat and white foam around it, removed the layer that had the sketch I applied my signature and date at the bottom right.

Reproduction of Moebius’ ‘Le voyage d’Hermès’

Moebius was commissioned by Hermès in 2011 to create nine illustrations for a campaign called Voyage d’Hermès. This is one of those and like the eight others, no Hermès product appeared: Reference illustration: A huge wave splashing at the top of which is a soaring man. A long bird with blue body and orange wings is next to him in the orange sky.
I sketched it on my 30×30 cm watercolor pad:
Precise pencil sketch on a large watercolour pad. Masking tape is applied at the top and bottom.
For the outline I used a 0.05 mm Uni-ball Pin pen:
Outline done in thin black ink
Then I washed the paper and applied some yellow and a bit of orange:
Yellow and orange gradient on wet paper for the sky
I continued painting the figure and the bird, the skyline, and started with greens and blues for the wave:
watercolour applied to the figure and the bird, the skyline, and greens and blues for the water around the wave
Blue and green gradients on part of the big wave
Final version, 30×20 cm:
Final work, tape removed
Gift ready and framed!
Artwork framed in natural wood
A couple days later, I tried a digital version of it which I finished on the same day, using Procreate on iPad Pro, 1878×1440 px:
digital version, color applied almost everywhere but at the side of the big wave
Final result:

Painting life

A clearing in the forest. A medium canvas on a wooden easel. I dreamt I was painting a woman.

She was standing, her back to me, in a pastel pink satin and organza dress. I was painting her neck, the fine strands of wavy hair rippling under her large-brim hat, around her silky shoulders.

My brush gave her life. She was free from the canvas and stood before me gazing at the forest and humming to herself, as I worked on her green-grey hat. It stirred gently in the wind and so did her auburn hair curling around her neck.

The forest murmured in the wind. The canopy swayed and rustled, patches of sun light danced on the ground. I kept weaving intricate straw braids on her hat. In a strong gust of wind, leaves fell from the trees –we shivered.

I stepped back when I was done and contemplated the canvas. Such disappointment! I looked at my fat brush, grudgingly. This wasn’t the right tool for such delicate work! Yet it seemed so perfect, so real moments before.

It was a beautiful dream within a strange dream.

I don’t paint very often and I don’t have an illustration of the mysterious auburn belle in pink, so all I can think of is this yellow iris in my parents’ garden that I drew on iPad last May.

fuzzy looking digital painting of a yellow iris close up