Drawvember 2020 days 6-10

This year for Drawvember, I compiled my own list of prompts, to ensure that I wasn’t going to use “not inspired” as an excuse for skipping days. Drawing actually brings me joy and satisfaction, and as it’s in rather short supply at this time of year for me, I have much at stake.

I picked words that appealed to me, rather randomly, without any clear idea how I was going to develop each prompt. So far, I’m having fun.

Day 6: “Prey”

Black ink drawing of a lioness feasting on the neck of a zebra

A lioness caught a zebra.

Sketchliner Extra Fine 01 by Montana and black ink Pentel Brushpen.

Other than its ear, the zebra has no outline.

Day 7: “Pyramid”

Coloured pencil drawing of three pyramids at sunset

What made me think it was a good idea to get my Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils? Probably I thought I was using ink too much? I think I ought to stick to ink!

I also used Sketchbox watercolor pencils for the sky, because they came in pretty shades of pinks, orange and purples, but I did not wet them.

This took me way longer than anything else I have done recently and the result is terrible.

Day 8: “Crane”

Black, grey and red ink drawing of a Japanese crane

Back to ink \o/

Cranes are a familiar subject.

Oddly I wasn’t too sure how to draw it —what position, which background if any, how many of them? I opted for a portion of one.

I used my light grey and geranium red Brush Writers from Kuretake, and my black ink Brushpen by Pentel.

Day 9: “Diving”

Grey ink drawing of a bird diving down a cliff toward water that seems to be quite far below

White bird diving from a cliff toward the ocean.

I wanted to learn how to draw rocks. I need to properly learn how to, because this wasn’t it.

I used my black Sketchliner Extra Fine 01 by Montana and Light Grey Brush Writer by Kuretake.

Day 10: “Pounce”

Grey and black ink drawing of a cat with very dilated pupils, ready to pounce.

Cat ready to pounce, pupils dilated to the maximum.

I used a black Sketchliner Extra Fine 01 by Montana and Light Grey Brush Writer by Kuretake, and the black ink Brushpen by Pentel to reinforce dark areas.