Art: Piazza San Marco, Venezia (step by step)

The month of May is usually a month of vacation days for me because accrued days during the previous year expire at the end of that month. So I was off a fair amount. It gave me time to resume drawing, which I hadn’t done in almost 5 months!

I interpreted a scene of Piazza San Marco, Venezia, seen from the water. There’s in foreground a gondola and a boat with a big red sail. More gondolas are in the middle-ground and a wooden mooring post. The background is the square San Marco. There are white sea gulls in the blue sky.

I used acrylic paint markers. The reference is a poster art ad from a calendar I got in Venice when I visited in 2010.

Precise pencil sketch on a large paper pad of a Venice scene with gondolas and sailboats in front of the Piazza San Marco, next to the reference image in a 2010 calendar

It starts with a precise pencil sketch to mark the areas that will be covered in acrylic paint.

I used a sheet from a pad of thick paper for mixed media in size close to A4/US letter. The toned paper will be entirely covered in paint.

I don’t have all of the right colours among the 30 acrylic paint markers I have, so I chose ones that are as close as possible.

Finished piece between the reference image and the acrylic paint markers I used: white, egg shell, orange, light brown, gold brown, pale yellow, yellow, green, three blues from light to medium, dark orange, red, dark ref, grey, black.

I was in such a state of flow that I spent several consecutive hours painting and forgot to take photos as I progressed until I was done in the evening.

Here is the finished piece between the reference and the markers I used.

Finished piece framed in black wood with a white mounting mat

The result, framed in black wood, with a white mounting mat.

The size of the paining is 20×25 cm.

It took me 7 hours (but really felt like 2).