I used to be thick in #semanticweb

I used to be thick in #semanticweb. But that was before.

That was before Alexandre (@bertails) started to explain, and Amy (@amyvdh) translated.

What’s a triple? Easy. It’s three URLs: subject (sky), predicate (has color), object (blue).
Now, what’s a quad? It’s a 4th URL that names the context.

I was kidding; I’m still obtuse to Semantic Web. But I’ve learned something!

Thanks, wonderful colleagues.

So, my dad has an iPhone

I gave my former iPhone to my father. This morning, after watching for a while his 5 year-old grand-son play Angry Birds, he recounted his experience setting up the iPhone.

First, he didn’t know how to insert the SIM card. The leaflet only said to look some page up on the Web. Eventually, he searched and found a good video on YouTube, and watched it 15 times to get the hang of it.

Then he wondered how to open the damn thing and where the heck was the tool he had seen in the video. Well, it was where it had to, nicely tucked on the side of the white cardboard. He found it eventually, which saved him from having to look for a paper clip. Then he cut his SIM card. No sweat, here.

His next step was to install iTunes on his PC. It took a while to download but the hard part was to install the program. It failed near the end with an obscure error. He tried ten times. He decided to discard what he had downloaded and start again. It took another while but this time he managed to install iTunes properly.

What next? Well he needed to activate the iPhone. It didn’t work; he said the servers were probably loaded too much when he tried and that he’d try the next day.

So he took back the SIM card, reconstructed the card to its previous bigger shape, using tape and put it back in his previous cell phone. The next day, he was able to activate his phone.

Et voilà!

Recette : Filets de poisson en papillote, au curry et lait de coco

Filets de poisson curry et coco en papillotes, pour 4.
Préparation : 15 minutes.
Cuisson : 20 minutes.

baked fish with carrot, green bean and rice
baked fish with carrot, green bean and rice

Ingrédients :
4 filets de poisson (merlu, ou cabillaud, etc.)
160 g de riz basmati
4 poignées de haricots verts extra-fins
2 carottes
200 ml de lait de coco
Curry, sel, ail moulu

Préparation :
1. Cuire 5 minutes le riz, et séparément les haricots et les carottes en lamelles.
2. Dans chaque papillote d’aluminium, déposer un fond de riz, disposer deux lamelles de carottes, une couche de haricots. Verser un fond de lait de coco. Saler, saupoudrer de curry.
3. Déposer les filets de poisson, saupoudrer de curry, de sel et d’ail. Disposer deux lamelles de carottes.
4. Garnir le riz restant autour des filets et recouvrir le riz du reste de haricots. Verser le reste du lait de coco sur les filets et autour.
5. Fermer les papillotes et enfourner 12 minutes à 180ºC, et 8 minutes à 210ºC.

Et voilà !