Upgrade Java and SIMBL

I transferred my user account from Precious (a PowerPC mac) on Phoenix (an Intel mac), and when calling RDFPic (which needs Java), I got the following error:

java[1820] *** -[NSBundle load]: Error loading code /Library/InputManagers/SIMBL/SIMBL.bundle/Contents/MacOS/SIMBL for bundle /Library/InputManagers/SIMBL/SIMBL.bundle, error code 2 (link edit error code 0, error number 0 ())

The error didn’t prevent my photo RDFization, but I was bothered that there was the error in the first place.

I had the java version “1.5.0_06” (of maybe August 2005?) and found out on ACD that there had been a release on 12jan2007 for 1.5.0_07. I upgraded, but I got the SIMBL error anyway when calling RDFPic.

I located SIMBL stuff on my machine, but was none the wiser. I googled SIMBL.

SIMBL (Smart InputManager Bundle Loader) – pronounced like “symbol” or “cymbal” allows you to build hacks for Cocoa applications and apply the code selectively based on an application’s unique identifier.

I have no idea how SIMBL got installed on the Precious in the first place. But I installed the universal binary. And when I call RDFPic, not only does it keep working but also I don’t get the error message anymore.

If you look in your console.log (Applications/Utiliites/Console.app), and search “simbl”, you’ll see that a lot of applications use it and that a lot of errors are written.

One week left

One week left and then I travel back to France. Living in Boston is fun. I drank more caramel macchiatos and cafe’ mochas than I hoped I would, I didn’t have any pretzel and I didn’t post as many photos to flickr as I had hoped I would. I had very good clam chowders and got to try the Stata Center ping pong table just 2 days ago.

I really had a *wonderful* time, and I wish I can return soon.

When I think there is just one week left, I feel like diving on the bed, burying my face in a pillow, and pretend that this truth does not exist. This reference is from the movie “The Science of Sleep”. The main character breaks into his neighbour’s apartment and she shows up so unexpectedly that he just dives on her bed, hides his face in her pillow and asks her to pretend she doesn’t see him.


Happy thanksgiving, folks!

I’m off for a few days to experience my first Thanksgiving celebration. And I have to earn it by waking up at 5 am tomorrow, taking a flight, and being driven (and maybe drive) for about 3 hours.

Then I’ll travel again, for work. Next Saturday. Through Chicago and to Tokyo. I’ve been there already 3 years ago, it doesn’t seem so long ago, though.

And the week after I’m back in Boston for 10 days.

I’d like it if time just stopped, in fact. Right now would be good, since I’m going to bed in a few minutes 😉

All is well that ends well

All is well that ends well.
Or rather, so far so good.

I picked up the newspaper this morning for the T ride and next to the sudoku game is the horoscope. Here’s what I read:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Lady Luck is working on your behalf in repayment of your latest efforts.

And I told Amy,

“Amy! DHL are to deliver the Precious back to me today. That horoscope means the Precious will be fixed for good, now!”

She said something like,

“yes, dear, yes…”

and she nodded and smiled (gracious and kind friend I have here!). So I added,

“it’s written in the newspaper and it’s the truth. You’ll see.”

I’m making that up because I don’t remember what we said. There was a lot of joking around this. Anyway. DHL just delivered the Precious and it boots!

It has a spanking new logic board (I haven’t seen it for myself, mind you) and they removed a bad part (non-apple-branded RAM that my sysadmin purchased and installed a long while ago, and that they didn’t return).

I don’t believe in horoscopes, by the way.
Why? Simply because the odds that DHL delivered my Precious to all the Leos of the world are pretty pretty slim.