Help them help me

Normally they don’t ask to install a weekly on top of a final version, but if I dare do so this time it will help they get more correct data, making sure that they continue to make a better browser for ME.
[adapted from yesterday’s Opera Desktop Team’s blog.]

The idea is that while some people tell us about their wishes and concerns in the blog and forums, thousands of people download the weeklies without giving direct feedback. By using a build with feature reporting, they will also contribute to improving the product for all of us.

I have submitted wishes and concerns in the blog in the past, but there are so many (irrelevant) comments each time the Desktop Team release a build or a final, that my wishes and concerns must have drowned in the noise. I can’t be bothered to comment what rank I am downloading their build. And I expect they are bothered that people do.

I welcome very much this experimental build.

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