#sketches: Hiroshige’s “The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856”

I drew Hiroshige’s “The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856”, another lovely illustration of (the surroundings of) Edo.

I made it on iPad mini, using Artrage. Made with layers, pencil, watercolour, rubber and patience.

I spent 3 to 5 hours every day, and it took me four days. I underestimated both its complexity and the amount of time it would require to reproduce it. But I love drawing and can spend hours on it; my iPad battery gives up way earlier than I.

Hiroshige's The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856

#sketches: Hiroshige’s “Bikuni Bridge in snow”

I drew Hiroshige’s “Bikuni Bridge in snow 10-1858”, another lovely winter illustration of Edo.

I made this one too on iPad mini, using A new app: Artrage. Made with layers, pencil, crayon, air brush, felt-tip marker watercolour, rubber and patience. I love Artrage (< €5) as it's complex but with a gentle learning curve. It has unlimited layers, drawing is intuitive and beautifully rendered. I had the impression my stylus was guided! The drawback is it's heavy on memory (and battery) usage.

The drawing below should be of the iPad mini resolution.

Hiroshige's Bikuni Bridge in snow 10-1858

#web25: Impressions of Twitter users sharing early memories of the Web

I do all sorts of social media tracking at work. And we’re ramping up to launch a celebration that will last through the end of 2014: The 25th anniversary of the Web, and to a lesser extent the 20th anniversary of W3C.

There was a flurry of replies (including from many peeps I know) to the @w3c tweet:

Having spent 6 hours reading them and sharing them with the @web25 handle, I compiled a list of keywords (some more predictable than others –hamster dance!?11!) included in the messages Twitter users shared thus far with hashtag #web25:

  • universities,
  • evenings,
  • text-only,
  • inspiration,
  • lynx,
  • floppy (yes, yes),
  • usenet,
  • dial-up,
  • modem,
  • new world
  • AOL,
  • Geocities,
  • Internet cafe,
  • Mosaic,
  • table layout,
  • Alta Vista,
  • view source,
  • 56k,
  • gopher,
  • ViolaWWW,
  • hamster dance,
  • Myspace,
  • Netscape Composer,
  • Flash,
  • chat all over the world,
  • PHP3,
  • 33.6k modem.
  • Super Mario cheats,
  • Yahoo! homepage,
  • Marquee,
  • blink (a tag back then, not a fork),
  • Commodore 64