#web25: Impressions of Twitter users sharing early memories of the Web

I do all sorts of social media tracking at work. And we’re ramping up to launch a celebration that will last through the end of 2014: The 25th anniversary of the Web, and to a lesser extent the 20th anniversary of W3C.

There was a flurry of replies (including from many peeps I know) to the @w3c tweet:

Having spent 6 hours reading them and sharing them with the @web25 handle, I compiled a list of keywords (some more predictable than others –hamster dance!?11!) included in the messages Twitter users shared thus far with hashtag #web25:

  • universities,
  • evenings,
  • text-only,
  • inspiration,
  • lynx,
  • floppy (yes, yes),
  • usenet,
  • dial-up,
  • modem,
  • new world
  • AOL,
  • Geocities,
  • Internet cafe,
  • Mosaic,
  • table layout,
  • Alta Vista,
  • view source,
  • 56k,
  • gopher,
  • ViolaWWW,
  • hamster dance,
  • Myspace,
  • Netscape Composer,
  • Flash,
  • chat all over the world,
  • PHP3,
  • 33.6k modem.
  • Super Mario cheats,
  • Yahoo! homepage,
  • Marquee,
  • blink (a tag back then, not a fork),
  • Commodore 64