How many times you can change the first letter of a name and still have a name?

I have been working hard and am now in much need of a break. This assignment I’m working on makes my brain hurt. So much that for the past hour, I’ve been wandering from one butterfly to the other. I may as well blog, and then go back to the assignment.

The other day on TV there was a character which name I couldn’t quite make out. She was either a “Dina” or a “Tina”. That made me think how the suffix “ina” could fit with numerous consonants:


“Ina” is also an existing first name.

I’ve always been somewhat interested by language stuff. However not enough to know how it is called.

I remember as a teenager how I realised with wonder that “aude” was similar to “claude” and “maude” and how all of them could be transformed into “audine”, “claudine”, “maudine” and still sound nice.

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