Dream of jail

[This post originally appeared in Dullicious, where I blogged as Barbie-dull for several years.]

In the dream, a thief had already been to jail and either he had escaped and they were looking for him, or he had done again something wrong. They were looking for him. And I knew him. Or I had known him.

I remembered the first time in jail, I had visited him and had been allowed to stay overnight in his cell. It was situated at the end of a long and grey-green corridor, the last cell on the right. The walls were grey-green too. There was a window with a view on a pine forest below. The cell was shaped like an upside-down L, with the bed on the right and a shower area is the small part of the L.

So they had found him again and I was in the middle of it for an unknown reason, I was taken with the police everywhere they went. I didn’t much like it. A group of policemen had taken him back to the jail and I was in the group with the inspectors and we were on our way to the jail.

It seems that all of the above was some background information and that the dream really started with a pursuit in a dark and long tunnel. I don’t know who are pursuing me or who I am pursuing. I am running and there is a flashlight illuminating the way. I know I am not alone. We run faster than horses because we pass 3 or 4 of them.

In the next scene, we are in the prison, probably the top floor, and the corridor seems endless and less lit than I would like. It’s very broad but quite low ceilinged. On our way we pass in front of open rooms on the left and right and they are hospital rooms. In the corridor we pass in front of people idly looking from their wheelchairs.

We’re almost at the end of the corridor and I see light coming from the cell on the right at the far end. The light seeping through is light green, as I remembered. The inspector made me walk in front or I took the lead, I don’t know.

I enter the room and it has changed since the last time. It is still grey-green. The bed on the right is gone. The room is empty. They have done a paint job. There used to be some mould in some places.

All of a sudden, the thief is here, there is a bed on the right, along the wall, as there used to be. And I am not suprised to see him appearing like that. I have not seen him in a while and yet we don’t seem to be encountering each other awkwardly.

Then I notice a girl in the same cell, there is mould on the walls in some place and her back is facing me as she is kneeling on the grey-green painted floor in the shower area. The inspectors are no longer in the cell and the door is closed. I am the thief and I look at her. She has long brown hair covering her back. I suspect her back is bare under her hair. Just below her hair, I see her underwear. She turns her head on the right and looks at me. There is hostility in her eyes. I know we share the cell and I know we’ve had sex in the past and it was good.

In the next scene I am on her and she struggles a little. Not for long. I place her on the bed, on her hands and knees and I am behind her and her panty is gone and she is no longer struggling at all…

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