Dream: V Wing AirPods

In a dream that felt particularly real, a kind and good looking stranger arranged my Apple AirPods into a V Wing…

I had no idea this was even possible! I was in a diner in a busy and dark megalopolis, minding my own business, when this guy eyes me, leaves his young companion at adjacent table, sets himself in front of me and deftly handled my Apple AirPods and case. His fingers and hands were like those of Rubik’s cubes players. The next moment he set on the table what looked like a small V Wing Star Wars spaceship. He said, “there, now you have your own portable loudspeakers” and left.

I looked at the beautiful object in front of me, and thought I needed a second pair to use in-ear, because I would never be able to arrange them this way again.

I also tried to think of what to tell the stranger to hold on to him longer, but nothing came to mind and I was disappointed. That’s it.

I woke up wondering just how loud the small device would be 🙂