Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

I swear I knew what I was going to blog about, mere moments ago. I was only missing the title. I knew I had several things to list. /me scratches head, looks confused. Damn, I should make a better use of twitter.

I could blog about ADD, mind you. Note the absence of H; “Hyperactivity” seems preposterous as far as I’m concerned.

Now, where was I?…

I wanted to share the irony of this Temperature Monitor program that I use and that seems to simply stop when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold (in this case, it was 83C/181F for the CPU A Temperature Diode). How dumb is that?
Also, I note that I have yet to hear the fans of my MacBook Pro.

There was something else…

Oh well, it probably wasn’t that important. My minibreak time is up anyway.


Something very weird just occured.

Opera crashed (this is not the weird bit –they all crash–, it’s merely annoying –merely, because thanks to the ability to open the last saved session, it’s just a matter of being patient to find your opera right in the state it left you).

What is odd is that I had downloaded a .ogg file in the afternoon and that I was playing it with VLC, from my “Temporary downloads” folder, where all my (opera) downloads go. The .ogg file is no longer in the folder. The .ogg file has totally disappeared, in fact.

I’d like to download it again, and oddly enough, I can’t find the URI in the history.