Blocks of time, Sunday evening

[This post originally appeared in Dullicious, where I blogged as Barbie-dull for several years.]

2247 CEST: “Ooh, I forgot to call my mum…” I look out the window and it’s still bright out. Something clicks and I remember to not trust the outside light. I’ll call her in the morrow.
2337 CEST: Diner is out of the way, it’s geek o’clock.
0030 CEST: Headed pubwards. It’s still not dark.
0055 CEST: We’re asked in Norwegian to hurry up with our drinks; they’re closing.
0057 CEST: My glass is not empty. If the bartender had not put ice cubes, the otherwise very tasty cider wouldn’t be so cold.
0100 CEST: We’re out of Colletts Cafe’, lingering in the company and smoking. I gaze upon the three or four stars that I can see in the not-dark-at-all middle of the night.
0112 CEST: It seems it’s getting brighter above us.
0121 CEST: We’re back. Still not dark.
0205 CEST: I sure seems to get brighter outside. No point waiting for a dark night. -> Zzz