Video: Time lapse of “Cardinal”

Black ink brush pen, red acrylic paint and a touch of mustard coloured paint on the beak and feet of the bird.

27-second time-lapse of my hand making a black ink and red acrylic paint drawing of a cardinal perched on a pine tree branch.

This is part of a series using red as a highlight colour. See the other four.

Video: Time lapse of “Nous toutes”

This is a reproduction of “Nous Toutes” by artist Malika Favre.

I used the Burnt sienna Holbein Artists’ gouache which was supplied in the November 2019 Sketchbox.

25-second time-lapse of my hand drawing and painting in reddish brown the the white silhouette of a woman’s face seen from the side with her head down, the back of which is the silhouette of a shouting man’s head seen from the side.

This was part of a negative space series I did. See the other four.