Art: Angela Davis (step by step)

Angela Davis.
Power To The People ✊🏿 Power & Equality ✊🏿

This took me a long time: 5 or 6 hours over two days for a rather small piece, as I drew it on my little Canson artbook (10,2 x 15,2 cm – 4 x 6 in).

Apparently this month is the celebration of Black history, so this is timely.

Very detailed pencil sketch on an open artbook of the face of Angela Davis, ornate flowers and lettering. The mechanical pencil and eraser pen are on the cutting mat.

I enjoyed doing the pencil sketch. I found it very pretty.

Black ink for the face, shadows and earrings. The black pen is next to the open artbook on the cutting board.

Black ink.

Red lettering in acrylic paint: POWER on the left side, TO THE on the top, and PEOPLE on the right side. The red acrylic paint marker is on the cutting mat next to the artbook.

Red acrylic paint and black ink.

Work in progress to paint red the ornaments at each corner. The pens are next to the open artbook.

I used a thicker black pen with an angled nib. I also had to make small corrections which I did with a red ink felt tip pen, and a think white acrylic paint marker.

Drawing finished. I put a mounting card and wooden frame on top of the open artbook to see how it looks framed.


Trying out how it would look like if it were framed.

Close up of the finished signed work with white mounting card around it.
Close up of the finished signed work with white mounting card around it.

Art: “Stand firm!” (step by step)

I’m really enjoying myself doing these poster art piece with acrylic paint markers!

This is my interpretation of “Stand firm!”, a World War II propaganda poster during the UK war effort, 1939-1946, by Thomas Purvis.

Masking tape applied to the artbook and pencil sketch of a lion

Masking tape and pencil sketch.

Orange-brown acrylic paint applied to the drawing. Next to the artbook are my mechanical pencil and the four acrylic paint markers I will use: orange, red, black and white.

I will need four colours: orange-brown, black and red, and white.

Black added to the line for the mane and the shadows.

The lion is taking shape.

Red background added.

Red background done. I wished the tip were larger because with 1-millimeter, it took a lot of back and forth and the strokes are very visible on the paper.

White highlights added to the face of the lion and several areas of its body. The tail is now painted black.

Now that the lion is finished, I added highlights.

Black rectangle painted at the bottom.

Black rectangle at the bottom.

Block lettering done to write "stand firm!" in white in the black rectangle.

I used a different white acrylic paint marker after all.

Finished work in the open artbook on a white table, dated and signed
Finished work in the open artbook on a white table, dated and signed

Art: Venezia (step by step)

The subject is an advertisement poster for Venice that I found in the 2010 calendar I got in Venice in 2009, and which I kept because the illustrations are pretty.

Canson artbook, 10,2 x 15,2 cm (4 x 6 in), 96 g/m2 (65 lb). It took me 3 hours, although it felt much quicker.

The paper is almost too thin for this medium (the paper warped), and a bit too small for this level of detail. I’m using a set of 30 acrylic paint markers from Artistro that have a fine tip that is 1 millimeter wide. At this scale, one millimeter is pretty thick. I find that thinner lines can be achieved in swift strokes, but that is at the cost of precision (in my case).

Masking tape, pencil sketch of the front of gondolas, mooring posts and basic shapes for buildings, next to the reference image at the top of a tall narrow calendar.

Pencil sketch that will be covered by the acrylic paint.

Sky, city line, silhouette of gondola and water painted in shades of yellow, orange and gold. There is an envelope on the back of which I try out the colours.

I do not have the exact same colours as the reference image. I’m trying out the pens I have on the back of an envelope.

I found colours that I think will work well together.

More gold, a lot of black, some brown, red and orange for the big gondolas and the mooring posts.

Close-up of the main drawing nearly done now that the gondolas and mooring posts are coloured.

Photo showing the work in progress with now a large vivid blue rectangle at the bottom, the calendar at the right, and 12 acrylic paint markers I used.

Almost done! All I need to add is “Venezia” in block letters at the bottom, and remove the masking tape.

Finished work in the open artbook on a white table
Finished work in the open artbook on a white table