Dream of a new skin

I had this bizarre little dream last night that Chaals was giving me access to a download website for bootleg Opera skins πŸ™‚ …bootleg skins… /me shakes head…

And it was bright orange and he insisted it was *the* skin to get and that I would get used to it and grow to love it πŸ™‚ …bright orange… it totally clashes with the Opera red… /me shakes head…

I woke up amused and thought I hadn’t changed the skin of Opera in ages (I still haven’t, mind you, I don’t really see the need or amusement to change my environment aspect –quite the contrary, I like it to be stable).

Size matters

At my last visit at the office yesterday, somebody had brought somthing for me from somebody, and gave it to somebody to give to me. She was mysterious about it. “Maybe you lent someone spoons and a t-shirt”.

That didn’t ring any bell. And then I found a plastic bag. Spoons. I saw them and I knew instantly πŸ™‚ I should have known right away, in fact.

Chaals travels so much that one day he showed me a metallic spoon that he had gotten on a plane. Or Maybe it was a mettalic spoon that I had gotten on a plane myself. Anyway, I started to collect them and Chaals is the purveyor of fine metallic spoons. Thanks, my friend.

As to what my colleague referred to as a t-shirt, now. It was far too small to be a t-shirt. I saw a small lump of white fabric and letters “size matters”, and I knew instantly πŸ™‚

Chaals had gotten a boxer short. Not any boxer short. The Opera Mini “size matters” one πŸ™‚ The URI is on the back, with red in it, and the motto is on the front.

Thank you, thank you again!