We’re in Costa Rica!

We are in Costa Rica and the place we are at tonight happens to have wifi, woohoo!
We landed in the afternoon, it was raining, but by the time we got outside it had stopped. We didn’t see much yet, as the sun sets slightly before 6 p.m. But we hear a lot from the outside! Insects, presumably. Many of them.

Right after sunset, Alajuela
Right after sunset, Alajuela

The flight was long but OK. Entertainment wasn’t so much provided by the in-flight TVs –there was one every five rows, attached from the ceiling, and while the list of films was impressive on paper, they showed only a couple. Instead, some of the entertainment was provided by a group of eleven Russian next to us, all males. The stewardess even took from them a big bottle of alcohol, and kept coming back, asking them to not stand in the aisle. There was this one massive guy, one as we see in movies, and he acted very much like he was either a body guard, or a handyman –or both. All of them looked Russian, to the exception of two old men, who looked British, and one teenager. The boy didn’t look like any of them, except he had blue eyes. The rest of our entertainment came from eating tray food, playing Angry Birds, listening to music, and sleeping. Sleeping wasn’t an issue. We went to bed real late the night before and woke up entirely too early.

Fast forward to the car rental place at a five-minute drive in shuttle from the San Jose airport. The people wanted us to rent a GPS and were amused that Vladimir refused because we’re using the program *he* wrote. Amused and doubtful. One of them repeated that there is only one GPS program that works in Costa Rica, because they don’t really have addresses there. Anyway. It took us where we wanted, all right.

Porcelaine rose
Porcelaine rose

Where we wanted is Tetual Norte, in Alajuela, not far from San Jose, and thirty kilometers away from Volcan Poas –where we’ll go tomorrow. We arrived shortly after sunset. The colours were really pretty and the noises from trees and bushes were pleasant. We ate an early dinner of Indian cuisine.

Insect with rear legs like leaves
Insect with rear legs like leaves

Here is an overview of our holiday:
Volcan Poas tomorrow morning and then to the Arenal where we’ll stay three days. Followed by two days near the Manuel Antonio Park, two days near the Parque Nacional Los Quetzales, three days in the Osa Peninsula near the Corcovado Park. We’ll then spend one last day near San Jose before we fly back in two weeks.


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Too blue

If there is such a thing as hypersensitivity to colour, I have it. And I’ve had it for a few weeks.
Blue is good, mind you. I’ve made a new friend and think he has bluetiful eyes.

The photos I take have been too blue for the past month or so.
I find myself fiddling with the tint and temperature sliders of iPhoto to hide the blue.

flickr krma

[This post originally appeared in Dullicious, where I blogged as Barbie-dull for several years.]

The most viewed photo from my flickr photostream is:

canal 96: http://www.flickr.com/photos/koalie/81160242/
Nobody counts it as a favorite, it has 1 comment, it has 4 tags: 200601-Paris, "Canal 96", paintings, wall.

I was thinking some website had linked to it. Tonight, I googled “Canal 96″. (NOT safe for work).

So my tip, if you’d like good flickr karma on a photo, is to name it according to a pron website.