Sign cautioning against penguins
Sign cautioning against penguins

Today I learnt a few things about penguins.

My dad watched a documentary on them and here is what he said:

The male penguin looks for a rock to bring to every female penguins until one accepts it. This is the ‘go ahead’ and they make out. Then the male penguin goes to look for more rocks and builds a nest.

He said that female penguins live for about 12 years, that they start reproducing at the age of 6 and that they lay 2 eggs per year. Then he described the rock bringing little dance he saw:

He walked with his wings spread out, a penguin walk, really. And the rock was in beak. None of the female penguins accepted his rock. The little guy will have to wait till next year.

Then my dad laughed and explained:

He even brought a rock to the photographer!