#Inktober2023 week 1

inktober2023 prompt list

It’s the 8th year in a row I’m participating in Inktober. The rules are simple: A different prompt every day. Use ink. Enjoy. Learn new techniques, or not.

Some choose to not use the prompt list, or create their own, or follow a different list. I prefer to stick to those proposed by Inktober creator Jake Parker, because I find it easier, even though some prompts are less inspiring than others!

Day 1: “dream”

Black ink drawing of a dream catcher against a grey background

A dream catcher. I used my beloved light grey Kuretake BrushWriter because if I’m fast enough to beat the air or warmth and the ink is still wet enough, there are very few layer marks. The grey is also beautiful. I also used a micron 003 black pen and Pentel black ink Brushpen for the fine feathers.

Day 2: “spider(s)”

Black and grey ink drawing of the “Maman” sculpture by Louise Bourgeois which is a giant metallic spider. Someone is standing up under it and someone else is crouching to take a picture.

This is after a photo I took in Bilbao: the “Maman” sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, near the Guggenheim museum. Micron 003, light grey BrushWriter, black Pentel Brushpen.

Day 3: “path”

Black and grey ink drawing of a character seen from behind, wearing a helmet and carrying a long staff whose top is shining. The man climbs up a ridge from which a cluster of tall crystals are visible. The sky is clear, dark and starry.

Moebius-inspired drawing. I used the black micron 003 fineliner, and three Kuretake BrushWriters: light grey, white and grey. The latter turned out to be too blue-indigo for a grey. The way the ink behaves is also different between the light grey and the grey, so I will not mix them anymore.

Day 4: “dodge”

Black ink drawing of a sports car

The prompt didn’t inspire my very much. I love the look of the Dodge Viper, though. Again I used the micron 003 black fineliner, Kuretake light grey & grey BrushWriters, as well as a staedtler black 0.3-2.0 mm pen for thin to thicker lines.

Day 5: “map”

Black outline of Antarctica and a compass all showing the north

This is after a funny meme from “Terrible Maps”: a map of Antarctica showing “south” near the middle and “north” everywhere else. The compass too shows the north everywhere. I used a black Kuretake fudegocochi pen, which sometimes drips black drops (but didn’t this time) because I can achieve some thicker lines depending on how I tilt the pen.

Day 6: “golden”

Black ink drawing of a Japanese woman in traditional outfit and hair style. A large golden circle is around her head.

Based on a doodle I made a fee years ago to test a black brushpen (but less well done, *sigh*) I used a Pentel black ink Brushpen, and gold paint from Pebeo moon fantasy, which creates some hammered effect (except the paint wasn’t thin enough and the effect isn’t obvious).

Day 7: “drip”

Black and golden ink simple outline of a drip and golden drop

The drawing I spent the least time on (maybe ever): a stylized medical drip filled with golden content and a big golden drop at the end of the tube. I used the Staedtler 0.3-2.0 mm black pen, and a gold metallic felt tip pen from Stabilo.

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