Art: Kamado Tanjiro’s water dragon (step by step)

A couple of days ago, I drew a card and did some lettering for my son at the occasion of his 14th birthday today. (He loved it)

This is some fan art of Demon Slayer, a manga/anime he’s a fan of. This is Kamado Tanjiro and his water dragon.

Rough sketch of a flying character holding a sword and followed by a big dragon

Rough pencil sketch on a Bristol paper card.

Colouring in brown the character's outfit and in shades of blue the dragon

I’m using alcohol ink markers. I don’t have many and I don’t have the right colours.

At this scale I had a bit of a hard time filling the small areas in brown.

Blue background with yellow and green streaks. The coat of the character has yellow and grey squares

The paper did something weird with the medium which did not blend as it does normally. I don’t mind the texture, but it wasn’t intended.

I managed to get some contrast on the character’s outfit.

I realised belatedly that the dragon’s contrast was insufficient, however.

Hand-lettering in white, signature in black

I have been using the same sort of lettering for a few years now, more of less. It’s always the same letters 🙂

I used a white acrylic paint marker.

Hand-lettering in black on a white envelope
Card complete with the envelope