Life is the only game in town

There is this card game that I’ve been playing on my pda for 5+ years. It’s a solitaire. Railroad. Not every game is winnable.

Considering that every time I deal the cards for a new game the score goes down 52 points and every time I move a card to the foundation stacks the score increases by 10, my goal is to move up at least 6 cards.

There are games which delight me. “ooh! lovely, more than I expected” and “ooh! excellent, far more than I expected. Maybe I’ll win this one”.

And there are games which make me frown and sometimes sulk.“hmpf! just one card up?” and “oh no! so close to 6!”.

And of course there are situations when I have to choose between two actions. There is no “undo”, naturally. In which case, it will either delight me or make me frown.

I’ve played around 15000 games (wow, that’s an average of 10 per day!) and only 3 times was there the situation when I deal the cards and the game is instantly lost. An on very few occasions was there only one thing to do before losing the game.

Anyway, where I was getting at is that over the last few days two notable things occured. While I was listening to a song I noticed in the lyrics something like “life is a game and love is the trophy” which made me nod and mutter “hmm-huh”. and while browsing the web later I paid particular attention to the following words about life “yeah, life is messy but it’s the only game in town”. I was reminded of those last night when I played the cards game. In fact, when I was happy to score a lot, I thought I would like to feel likewise about the other *game*. Heh, maybe get a trophy as well!.

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