#sketches: Hiroshige’s “View from Massaki”, 1857

I drew Hiroshige’s “View from Massaki on the Grove near Suijin Shrine, the Uchigawa Inlet and Sekiya Village” (8-1857), on iPad mini again, using ArtRage.

It took a couple days, 3 to 5 hours each. Below is a big version (1536×2048).

Quoting from the Scholten Japanese Art website:

This composition shows a view towards the Suijin Shrine on the Sumida River and Uchigawa inlet as seen through a round-shaped window from the second floor of a teahouse located in front of the Massaki Inari Shrine. At left the vase with a camellia blossoms and the branches of blossoming plum outside indicates the timing is early spring, and the dark hills in the distance set the time of day nearing dusk. The season and the proximity to the Masasaki Inari shrine suggest that it may be the first day of the horse in the second month, a day associated with visiting shrines devoted to Inari.

Hiroshige's View from Massaki, 1857

#sketches: Hiroshige’s “The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856”

I drew Hiroshige’s “The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856”, another lovely illustration of (the surroundings of) Edo.

I made it on iPad mini, using Artrage. Made with layers, pencil, watercolour, rubber and patience.

I spent 3 to 5 hours every day, and it took me four days. I underestimated both its complexity and the amount of time it would require to reproduce it. But I love drawing and can spend hours on it; my iPad battery gives up way earlier than I.

Hiroshige's The Grove at the Suijin Shrine, 8-1856

#sketches: Hiroshige’s “Bikuni Bridge in snow”

I drew Hiroshige’s “Bikuni Bridge in snow 10-1858”, another lovely winter illustration of Edo.

I made this one too on iPad mini, using A new app: Artrage. Made with layers, pencil, crayon, air brush, felt-tip marker watercolour, rubber and patience. I love Artrage (< €5) as it's complex but with a gentle learning curve. It has unlimited layers, drawing is intuitive and beautifully rendered. I had the impression my stylus was guided! The drawback is it's heavy on memory (and battery) usage.

The drawing below should be of the iPad mini resolution.

Hiroshige's Bikuni Bridge in snow 10-1858