Drawvember 2019 Days 16-20

This five-day series is a tribute to illustrator extraordinaire Jean Giraud, aka Gir, or Moebius, who I discovered thanks to Virginie G. a few years ago when she convinced me to meet up with her in Toulon to see an exhibition of his work. Instant love!


Black ink drawing of a man flying, his arms straight alongside him, looking up. There are parallel straight and dotted lines at his waist down to indicate speed.

Lots of line work, using a ruler, for this soaring character.


Black ink drawing of a plump robed character wearing a toque. He's standing up next to two very high-legged wingless birds with big eyes. His arm is raised and finger pointer.

I loved the mood of this comics strip. A chubby priest of sort casting a spell maybe, in a funny hat, with a couple long-legged chickens at his side. All of them somewhere in space perhaps, in a glass corridor? I used a black ink 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent, and black ink Pentel Brushpen for the large black areas.

Major (Fatal)

Black ink drawing of a tall thin man seen from the side, wearing a pointy helmet and carrying a leather back. His back is to the light and long parallel line stem from his feet and run throughout the artbook page and carry forward to the page opposite.

Another very recognisable character from Moebius, with his characteristic pointed hat, long slim figure and bag. I used a black ink 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent, and a ruler.


Gouache painting of a night desert scene where a group of people sit in circle around a fire at the foot of a large dune, next to tents and camels.

My first gouache painting and I absolutely loved doing it, and how it came out! I used some of the five Holbein Artists’ gouache tubes supplied in the November Sketchbox: burnt sienna, yellow ochre, ivory black and prussian blue.

(Watch the 22-second time lapse)


Black ink and gouache painting of a cat sitting at the center of a circle of light.

Mix of black ink 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent and leaf green Holbein Artists’ gouache tube supplied in the November Sketchbox.

(Watch the 40-second time lapse)