Four years of daily exercise \o/

Somehow I missed the fourth anniversary, two weeks ago, of my exercising daily 🤷🏻 It’s probably become so much part of my life now that I don’t pay as much attention to the day it all started in 2020.

Calendar of the Fitness App for February and March 2020
After 8 March 2020, everyday I closed my activity rings and exercised daily.

That 8 March 2020, my Apple Watch suggested that it wasn’t too late if I wanted to earn the 2020 International Women’s Day challenge: all it took was a 20-minute walk! My dog in tow, I went for a walk. I earned my first “activity” badge. And this marked the start of my exercising daily.

I often joke that I exercise everyday otherwise if I stopped I wouldn’t take it up again. I think it’s true. But at the same time it really matters to me to be that person now. For most of my life I hated exercise and sports, and didn’t care at all for the benefits it brings. I am no longer that person.

I combine things in my life in a way that I can work out when I need to go somewhere (e.g., to run errands, go shopping, visit a friend, go to the doctor, etc.), and take photos which I really like. It takes time, so I plan for this in my work days or the weeks my kid is with me. But also, I combine working out with other things like listening to podcasts, catching up on social media, or watching TV series (my elliptical bike is in my room).