Black ink drawing of an empty chair in a museum room with artworks of various sizes on the wall, all representing artworks by Moebius

Art: inktober2022

I drew again in my small sketchbook Canson art book universal (14×21 cm / 4×6 in), using individually or together a black Pentel brushpen, Kuretake fudegokochi black pen, Sakura Pigma Micron 003 black fine liner (very very fine), Kuretake light grey Brush Writer, and a white brush pen which doesn’t work too well anymore.

For the first time since I started doing the challenge every year in 2016, I have missed days because I didn’t like these prompts. In fact it’s the first time in those seven years that I found the list mostly terrible.

Yet I was able to draw three of them in tribute to Moebius, one to Ghibli, one to “Money Heist” (La casa de papel), and one to “Arcane, League of Legends”.

inktober 2022 prompt list
inktober 2022 prompt list

5 thoughts on “Art: inktober2022”

  1. Tu as bien eu raison de ne faire que ce qui te plaisait, il y a de bien belles choses. Et c’est moi ou le dessin est plus libre qu’avant ?

    1. Merci ma Vero ☺️
      J’ignore si le dessin est plus libre qu’avant. J’ai rien fait différemment, et si c’est comme le reste, je me vois pas évoluer. Alors je te crois !

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